DC Area Watching of the Texans (No Titans Fans)

After watching the Houston Texans Professional Football Club dismantle the Kitty Cats of Cincinnati, I headed to a Lions bar for the night cap. Needless to say this was tons of fun and made me long for the company of other Texans fans here in DC.

With that in mind, I would like to spur the creation of our very own bastion of Texans fandom here in the nation's capital. I know there are other BRBers in DC and northern VA, I've seen you in the comments! And if you're a district lurker, now is the time to reveal yourself. Are there others that would be interested in watching the game with Texans compatriots?

Off the top of my head, I was thinking somewhere like The Ugly Mug or Molly Malones in Eastern Market (metro accessible!) but am open to suggestions. What say you DC Texans? Let's make a home for ourselves. And if you aren't in DC but know a Texans fan who is, direct them this way or tell them where we wind up!