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Gary Kubiak's Monday Afternoon Presser: On Wade Phillips, Andre Johnson, Baltimore, And How To Scold A Child

Raise your hand if you're undefeated as a head coach in the playoffs.
Raise your hand if you're undefeated as a head coach in the playoffs.

Here's a complete transcript. Because I'm such a swell guy, I've also taken the liberty of pulling a few quotes out for you so you never have to leave BRB don't have to click another link if you're not so inclined.

(on TE Owen Daniels’ injury) "Owen does have a hand issue. First off, it’s not going to keep him from playing. He’s fine. He’ll be back on the practice field when we get started on Wednesday. That’s nothing that’s going to hold him back. Still kind of in an evaluation process, but he went back in the game and he will be ready to go. It’s not an issue from that standpoint."

(on if there are any other injuries) "No, we actually came out okay. (Mike) Brisiel, he ended up playing about three quarters of the game, got a little fatigued late. (Antoine) Caldwell went in, but Mike should be even better this week I would think. Other than that, we just got some nicks. (Bryan) Braman came out okay. He should be ready to go. We’re thinking that Troy Nolan has an excellent chance to be ready to contribute this week. For the most part, we came out as clean as we could."

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(on if defensive coordinator Wade Phillips interviewing is a distraction) "I don’t look at it that way. I think it’s a compliment. We all know Wade’s track record and the job that he’s done. That’s not a surprise at all that somebody would want to visit with him about the head coaching job. I look at it different than probably a lot of people. I think it’s a huge compliment to (linebackers coach) Reggie Herring, (defensive backs coach) Vance (Joseph), (assistant head coach/defensive line) Bill (Kollar), the defensive staff and it’s a big compliment to our defensive players because of the job that Wade’s done. Those are the guys that have helped him do that job. We’re proud of any opportunity any one of our coaches would get. It will not be a distraction. Like I said, it’s a compliment. We’ll get ready to go."

(on fans being upset that Tampa Bay is asking for permission to interview defensive coordinator Wade Phillips in the middle of the playoffs) "That’s just part of it. There’s a window. I don’t know the exact window. I couldn’t tell you. (General manager/executive vice president) Rick (Smith) could answer that better but there is obviously a window where they have to ask for permission to talk to your guys and then you try to make it work within your normal schedule. Nothing will change about our schedule. We’ll go through our normal week and Wade will visit them sometime Friday evening. He’ll still be working Friday evening while everybody else is getting a break Friday evening. Nothing will change about what we do, so I want everybody to understand that."

(on how many plays WR Andre Johnson had in Saturday’s game and how much that helps prepare for this weekend that he was able to play a full game) "I think Andre played in the mid 40s and came out of the game fine. A big, big help for us is that we turn around and play Sunday. We could use that extra day of rest so, you know, the players have had a couple days rest and tomorrow I’ll just do some mental work with them. So, for Andre to have his first time back and to get an extra day of rest this week is huge for our team, but he came out fine. He’s ok."
(on the importance of discipline in the secondary in this game on WRs Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith) "Yeah, you got to give them credit. (Joe) Flacco put up a lot of deep balls that they went up and got and made the play that we did not make. They have been a big play offense. They’re running the ball so well with (Ray) Rice, and Vonta (Leach) is doing just a hell of a job, so it sets up for them to get the ball down the field when they do play action, those type of things. We got to stop the run first. You better stop the run against these guys first, or you’re not going to get on the field. Stopping the big play with their receivers was an issue for us the first time, and hopefully we can correct it this time."

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