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How Should The Texans Use Johnathan Joseph On Sunday In Baltimore?

It would sure be nice to see this on Sunday.
It would sure be nice to see this on Sunday.

Lance Zierlein brought the topic up on 790 yesterday. We briefly touched on it in the comments to this post, and we discussed it last night on BRR. Now, we're asking you to weigh in.

Your Houston Texans feature a starting corner tandem of Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson (with a heavy dose of Jason Allen as a "co-starter," to use Kubespeak, at CB2). The Baltimore Ravens' top two wide receivers are Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith. When the Texans and Ravens tangled in Week Six, Joseph was matched up on Boldin and Jackson/Allen was matched up on T. Smith. If you were scheming the defense on Sunday, who would you assign Joseph to cover (primarily, I mean; different looks would necessarily require adjustments, of course)?

A poll, and my thoughts, after the jump.

I think Joseph has to match up on T. Smith. Boldin will still likely eviscerate K-Jax/Allen, but he's less likely to burn the Texans for a big play, especially deep, than Smith is. While Boldin won the matchup with J-Jo back in Week Six, I'm still more scared of having Smith beat the Texans than I am of Boldin beating the Texans.

It's like Sophie's Choice, with Wade Phillips playing the lead role and a secondary storyline that prominently features safety help.

Vote your conscience in the poll below, and then explain why.

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