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Thank You, BRB

Late last night, Rivers' exquisitely crafted note of gratitude to Wade Phillips gave us an idea. For the next several days, we'll periodically be posting entries thanking various people who had a hand in making the Texans' 2011 season as enjoyable as it was. The season's over, which blows, but there's a lot to appreciate, and it's a loooooong offseason, so let's do take a minute to say thank you.

Since its inception in January of 2007, Battle Red Blog has seen five (5) Texans regular seasons. They've all been fun, even if some of them were fun in a misery-loves-company and oh-sweet-Mariah-please-make-it-stop way. 2011, however, was different. From the insanity that was the free agent frenzy back in July, through an emotional roller coaster of a regular season that saw your Houston Texans win their first division title, through the unfettered joy that was the first playoff victory in franchise history, to the disappointment that accompanied the reality that the ride ended yesterday in Baltimore, Texans fans just completed one helluva ride.

BRB chronicled it all, and that's because so many of you cared enough about the Texans to read, react, and share your feelings and analysis here. I've written it enough times that you're probably sick of reading it, but I'm going to do it again: BRB wouldn't be anything without everyone who reads and comments. It's a community in every sense of the word, and it's a privilege to be a part of it. Thank you (and you, and you, and you, and you, and even you) for making this site what it is.

I'd be remiss if I didn't specifically thank the guys who pen the always astoundingly excellent front page posts. BFD, MDC, Rivers, TDC, UT, Vega, and TGC: A million graciases (or is it "graciai"?).

The ride that was Houston's 2011 season may have come to a stop yesterday afternoon, but BRB will keep chugging along through the offseason. There will be plenty of free agency and draft speculation irrefutable analysis in the coming months, so stay tuned. It's gonna be fun.