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Wade Phillips Had "Tumor The Size Of A Volleyball"

With the holiday weekend, the regular season finale, and the upcoming playoff game, you, like me, may well have missed that Bum Phillips was inducted into the Texas Bowl Gridiron Legends on Saturday. That's noteworthy in and of itself.

What's even more amazing, however, is this story from the Port Arthur News. Seems that Bob West, a reporter for the PA News, visited with Bum and learned that Wade Phillips, beloved defensive coordinator of your Houston Texans, may well be one of the toughest SOBs around. After all, it's not often a guy with a "tumor the size of a volleyball" is back at work in less than two weeks.

Texans fans are fired up about Wade Phillips returning as defensive coordinator on Sunday, and rightfully so, although he will be working from the upstairs coaches’ box. Listening to Bum talk about Wade’s recent health issue, and seeing him briefly Saturday morning, left me convinced he’s really pushing himself to return so soon. According to Bum in remarks at the Gridiron Legends reception, Wade had “a tumor the size of a volleyball that encompassed his kidney and his gall bladder, so he had them all taken out. He’s got a scar about this long.” At that point, Bum held his hands about a foot apart. Bum also said the tumor was not malignant. In visiting with Wade, it was obvious he’s lost a lot of weight. He said he’d be restricted to working from the upstairs for as long as the Texans season goes . . .

Incredible. Chuck Norris has nothing on Wade Phillips. Nothing.

Tip o' the cap to mjmtx18 for pointing this bit of news out to me.

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