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What Do You Want To See On BRB?

With only the Super Bowl left to play, the interminable drudgery of the offseason is nearly upon us. While we're sure to talk free agency, 2012 NFL Draft, and the Texans' roster ad infinitum over the next few months, there could well be a great idea for a post (or even several posts) that has crossed your mind, despite never even entering the vacuous airspace betwixt the collective ears of the BRB "staff."

Thus, I have a question for you. After the jump, naturally.

What would you like to see on BRB this offseason? Enlighten us in the Comments, and we'll do our best to incorporate the suggestions as much as possible.

That's not to say that every idea will be used (e.g., asking for a post that features Uprooted Texan performing interpretive dance to "Drops of Jupiter" probably won't make the cut). But if you've got something you're curious about, or want to read more about, or want to discuss more, let us know.

OTAs are a long way away. Let's do what we can to pass the time.