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Houston Texans Talk In Wake Of AFC Pro Bowl Triumph

Courtesy of Nick Scurfield's article, here are some quotes for your review after Gary Kubiak led the AFC to victory yesterday in Hawaii.

Gary Kubiak:

"I appreciate the guys’ effort," Kubiak said. "I understand the drill. I understand we’re out here to make sure everybody’s healthy, but I tell you what, our guys were great all week – not only great players, but great people.

"It’s kind of hard to call plays; you’ve got so many guys that want the ball. But they’re good guys. It’s great for the NFL. It’s my first taste of this, but I really enjoyed it."

Johnathan Joseph, on his pretty pick of Cam Newton:

“It was a slant route, and I kind of had a beat on it,” Joseph said. “I kind of figured it was going to be a slant. I was just worried about making the catch and securing it. I wish I would’ve scored, but I didn’t. Got the ball back for the offense, though.”

Wade Phillips, on calling a defense that wasn't his glorious 3-4 hybrid:

“We held ‘em to 41 (points), and it wasn’t easy,” Phillips said. “We don’t have many of those. It’s a passing game, and it’s offensive oriented. But we got a lot of interceptions and we got turnovers for touchdowns, so that was kind of fun.”

Chris Myers, on the sweet, sweet recognition that comes from being a Pro Bowler:

“It’s overwhelming, man,” Myers said. “To be able to come out here and be here and just be here all week and then to culminate in playing in the stadium, seeing all the MVP names and seeing just the history that’s been here, it’s pretty cool. They’re always a high-scoring affair, you always expect that, but it’s pretty nice to get a win on top of that.”

Had to save the best for last. Antonio Smith, talking like Antonio Smith about his harrassment of Cam Newton:

“Sometimes my ninjitsu styles come out when I don’t even want ‘em to,” Smith said. “My fellow Pro Bowl brothers, don’t be mad at me. It’s my alter ego.”