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Greg Knapp Leaves Houston To Become Raiders' Offensive Coordinator

As Frederik Nyman FanShotted earlier today, the Raiders offered Texans' quarterback coach Greg Knapp their offensive coordinator gig. Not surprisingly, Knapp accepted the offer.

Knapp did a fantastic job in a very tough situation this past season. When Matt Schaub was injured, Knapp had to prepare Matt Leinart to start. Then, Leinart went down before even completing a half, leaving T.J. Yates as the man under center. Knapp was charged with preparing a rookie who hadn't even suited up for a Texans game before November 27, 2011 to start on December 4, 2011. With the bye week already in the books. Oh, and to compound the difficulty of the task, we weren't talking about Yates taking snaps for some woebegone squad whose playoff dream had already ended. When Yates took over, the Texans were 8-3, with the first playoff berth and division title in franchise history not yet clinched.

Plus, there was the slight issue of Yates being the only healthy QB left on the roster. While Kellen Clemens had been signed after Schaub was announced as bound for injured reserve, he wasn't considered anything more than a stop-gap solution. Jake Delhomme was quickly signed in the wake of Leinart's season-ending injury, and Clemens was soon replaced by Jeff Garcia. Delhomme had zero familiarity with the Texans' playbook, and Garcia, while experienced with the West Coast Offense, was not versed in Houston's version.

As the quarterbacks coach, Gregg Knapp was the guy who had to make sure Yates, Delhomme, and Garcia were up to speed. Seeing as how the Texans responded by beating the Falcons and Bengals en route to the first division title/playoff berth/playoff win in franchise history, I'd say Knapp came through with flying colors. I have no idea whether he'll be able to find success in Oakland with Carson Palmer & Co. I do know, however, that Texans fans should remember the great work he did in Houston.

Best of luck to the man who Gary Kubiak calls "Knapper." I'm sad to see him go. Now the question becomes who the Texans will hire to replace Knapp on the staff.