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The All-Purpose Playoff De-Lurking Thread, Or: Let's Get To Know One Another A Little Better

Hi there. May I say that you look marvelous?

Long time ago, before Tim elevated me to the masthead, I put up this FanPost as a way to get members of our growing fanbase better-acquainted with one another. Since that time, a lot has changed. The Texans have broken our hearts repeatedly, and in ever-increasingly soul-destroying ways. They've become successful and are now enjoying their first-ever playoff berth. And the BRB readership has continued to grow. Under the leadership of Tim, the masthead has changed a lot as well, adding a whole crew of writers as good as any on any blog of any kind anywhere. I definitely feel like the Laettner on this Dream Team.

Over at BRB-central we noticed that, inspired by the Texans' playoff run and Vega's remarkable bit of writing, quite a few lurkers have come out and declared their undying love for all things Texan. We think this is great and want to encourage it. Therefore, I have been commissioned to draft the latest version of the introduction thread. Interest in things Texan is at an all-time high, and we want to bring as many new members into the fold as possible. If you're a regular, occasional or first-time lurker, consider this your chance to proudly announce or re-announce yourself to the world. You are welcome here.

I'll go first after the jump.

My name is tGC and I live far, far away, practically in another galaxy from Houston. I am currently the only Texans blogger living in the nation of Qatar. There are a surprising amount of Texans here, and Texans fans, due to the oil and natural gas industry, but only one Texans blogger: moi. I am a proud born and raised Houstonian and a supporter of all Houston sports teams. My first sporting love is the Astros, but this subject is far too painful to discuss in this happy place. My first sporting memory is going to Rice Stadium to watch Rice play (and get crushed by) all-comers in the old Southwest Conference with my dad.

My second sporting memory is going to watch the Astros play in the early eighties. It was right around that time that I got into the Oilers, and the rest is history. Like many of you, I grieved when Bud Adams took my team away. I cried when the Texans won their first-ever game. I hurled after all the heart-breaking losses. And I cried again, not when the Texans won their tenth game, but when the Titans lost, assuring the Texans would win the division.

It's harder to be amped about this game out here in my lonely oasis of Texans fandom, but I'm still plenty stoked. I wish I could be in Houston to share this with the city because I remember very vividly how awesome it was when the Oilers made it back to the playoffs after a long drought and beat the Seahawks, thanks to Tony Zendejas's field goal. Of course, I also remember the playoff hurt as well. Take the rough with the smooth, amirite?

In my normal life, I have a wife, three kids and an SUV with a 22-gallon tank that costs an absurdly small amount to fill up here. $17 to be exact. In fact, I have two SUVs. I love the outdoors and outdoor sports, especially climbing, surfing and skiing. I used to be a backpacking guide and high-angle SAR specialist. I was once a teacher. I lived out of my car for a while - it was awesome, truly. My other sporting love is Ajax Amsterdam, the greatest soccer team in the multiverse. I have been to forty countries and flown around the world. I've been to paradise but I've never been to me.

And I am ready as hell for the playoffs to start.

What about you, BRB? Who are you? Tell us!