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Going to the Texans' First Playoff Game? Take Us With You!

Le sigh...
Le sigh...

So I understand some of you are going to the Texans game on Saturday. Got your tickets and everything? Wonderful. Gonna do some tailgating while you're down there? Fantastic.

As I live a scant 2,500 miles away from Reliant Stadium and will be unable to attend, let me be the first to say you suck I'm very happy for you.

Frankly, I'm just happy that I'll finally get to watch a Texans game from the comfort of my couch on my new TV with a cold, refreshing Shiner in hand (hey, Shiner, how about an endorsement deal, huh?). But there's still a part of me that really wants to pawn everything I own (including housepets), hop on the first flight to Houston, and partake in the festivities.

Sadly, all my worldly possessions (even the pets) came to about $38.27 and, somehow, a jar of pickled eggs. So I will not get to watch history happen in person.

But you, you glorious ticket holders and tailgaters, you can help!

Jump to find out how!

Since you'll be at the game, and I'm sure I'm not the only one living out-of-town (state, continent, whatever) who would want to experience the excitement but can't, here's what I want you to do:

First of all, enjoy yourselves. We've waited ten years (more if you count that other team that used to be here) for this. So soak it all in while you're out there.

Second, bring your cameras and your smart phones (hopefully with the SBNation app installed) and take as many pictures as you can. I want the total experience so get pictures of anything interesting. It could be that monstrous grill at one of the tailgate parties you attend (I'm sure there's at least one). It could be the sight of 70,000+ screaming Texans fans during an important defensive play. (Side note: As TDC said in the Bleach Social post, if Reliant Stadium doesn't register on the Richter scale during the game, he and I will ban all of you who went to the game) It could be anything you find just vaguely interesting. With everything that will be going on at Reliant tomorrow, I don't think it'll be hard to find something to get on camera.

Third, on Monday, when everyone's had a chance to cure their hangovers settle down, I'll throw up a post where you can share your pictures, videos (if possible), and your own stories/experiences from the game (just as long as they're safe for work).

I, along with Texans fans around the world, am counting on you, you magnificent BRBtards!

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