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The Morning Of Your Houston Texans' Playoff Debut: How Are You Feeling, BRB?

Damn if I just don't like this picture.
Damn if I just don't like this picture.

You may not have gotten much sleep last night. You may still be shaking off the cobwebs from the seemed-so-logical-at-the-time decision to do shots of whiskey after dinner in an attempt to put yourself to sleep.

What? Why would you assume I did that? Oh. Right. The Irish thing. Fair enough.

Kickoff's still several agonizing hours away. How are you feeling, both in a general sense and about this afternoon's contest? And what are you going to do to while away the hours? Share in the Comments below.

The first open game thread will post at 11:30 a.m. CST. Until then, post your ramblings here.

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