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Show And Tell: The Texans' First Playoff Win

Luckiest.  Fans.  Ever.
Luckiest. Fans. Ever.

Remember Friday when I asked you to take lots of pictures and soak up the atmosphere at Reliant for the Texans' first playoff game (and win)?

Well, consider this post your own personal repository for all your pictures and stories of what is currently the single greatest game in Texans history. Sorry, 19-10, you're still awesome, babe, but I think you've been supplanted.

Post your pictures in the comments section along with any stories you have or your point of view on the day's festivities.

How did you react when Bum Phillips came ambling out of the tunnel? When Andre Johnson finally scored his first (and certainly not last) playoff touchdown? When J.J. Watt plucked that ball out of the air and scampered into the end zone for the tie-breaking touchdown to end the half? Or even when Arian Foster did his version of the Dream Shake in the end zone?

I want to see and hear it all. So with that said, the floor is now yours. Make good use of it, folks.

The only rules are keep it safe for work and please include captions so we all know what we're looking at!

(Props to MeMongo for getting the ball rolling with this FanPost loaded with pictures he took.)

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