Where to watch the Baltimore/Juggernaut game on Sunday?

As a preliminary apology to the proprietors of 360 Sports Lounge: I am sorry, but we cannot watch the game at your bar. The good guys (nor any other Houston team) have ever won a game when there has been a sponsored or scheduled game-watching party at that establishment. I still blame the Colts game on the Curse of 360.

That being said -- where is the alternative place to watch the Ravens get f--kstomped by the Houston Juggernaut? Watching the game at home by myself might be the socially responsible thing to do given my propensity to yell and scream things that kids should never hear. But that's just not going to happen this week. It's the PLAYOFFS! And I want to know where the BRB gang plans to meet up. Again...... not at 360!