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This Week In GIFs: Monday Night's Key Plays GIFified

Thanks to Jack in the Box, Battle Red Blog presents This Week In GIFs. While not a GIF, Owen Daniels shows you how to catch a ball with his hands.

Elsa - Getty Images

The great thing about Monday Night Football is that everyone is watching. This includes people that like to GIF. Since GIFs are so hot, Jack, CEO of Jack in the Box, saw a great advertising opportunity and gave Tim a call to sponsor his own post dedicated to GIFs. Thus, after this convergence of truthful events, Battle Red Blog now presents a fine sampling of GIFs from Monday's fifth-straight Houston Texans win. Enjoy.

Matt Schaub's 34-yard touchdown pass to Owen Daniels.

I wish I had another angle where I could break down how Daniels got so open but, instead, we can all bask in the glory that is an easy touchdown on the game's opening drive. It is worth noting that Schaub delivered an on-target ball that traveled 40-yards in the air.

Mark Sanchez answers back with his own touchdown pass to Jeff Cumberland:

Here, I can provide some analysis. The big issue on the play is Mark Sanchez having a pocket to step up into as the pass rush comes from both the left and the right but not up the middle. If the rush does not get too wide, there is no space for Sanchez. Any NFL quarterback should be able to step up and throw. You have to credit Sanchez for throwing the perfect ball there. As valiant as his effort is, Glover Quin just cannot touch the ball on his leap. Good effort by Cumberland to pull it in, too.

Brice McCain, with a hand from J.J. Watt, saves the game.

Without this play, I think Houston would have lost on Monday Night. Instead of the Jets scoring a touchdown or field goal and entering the half feeling confident, McCain's interception gave the Texans three points and squashed any momentum New York was building.

Watt gets his hand up quickly, McCain snares it and begins to run it back. This would have been a touchdown had Troy Nolan been able to block Powell (29). He should have, but Nolan seems to lose 29 as he looks over at Cumberland (86). Had Nolan known Kareem Jackson was right there, I think he would have let Jackson take Cumberland and blocked Powell. It still was a big play, but it could have been bigger.

Joe McKnight takes advantage of poor special teams play.

Slipping haunted the Texans all night, and it shows up on this 100-yard kickoff return by McKnight. Shiloh Keo has a clear shot at McKnight but slips before getting there. Alan Ball and Mister Alexander both attempt to get to McKnight but are too slow while Shayne Graham appears to take a bad angle and cannot even be a road bump there. We have an impressive showing of speed by DeVier Posey, but he makes a mistake of not knocking McKnight out of bounds, the easier play, and tries to pull him down.

Fireman Ed looks confused

I choose not to end on a negative play, so I give you this: I think Fireman Ed is struggling to remember how to spell Jets.

BRB's This Week In GIFs is sponsored by Jack in the Box.