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Jets' Matt Slauson Fined $10,000 For Block On Brian Cushing

Giving up less than 5% of your salary in exchange for endangering the livelihood of one of the best players in the that's just cost effective.

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Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reported Thursday that the NFL fined Slauson $10,000 for his peel-back block, which tore Cushing's anterior cruciate ligament and knocked him out for the season. It's the standard fine for such an offense, although a source told The Associated Press that Slauson, who defended the block as legal, will appeal.

It should be noted that peel-back blocks are illegal and deserving of 15 yard penalties. Admittedly, I'm really upset and saddened that the fine was only $10,000. An illegal and unnecessary hit ended the season of a star player on a contending team and the punishment is barely even chump change. It just isn't right.