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Everything Can Change In October: The Texans Take The National Stage

Dust off your Deep Steel Blue finest. The Texans will spend an entire month in the bright spotlight of the nation.

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

They have never won a prime-time game on the road.

They have never beaten the
New York Jets.

They have never been 5-0 before.

They have never played on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

They have never beaten the
Baltimore Ravens.

They have never had three straight marquee games worthy of national attention.

I do not want to look too far down the road, but this is a unique moment in Houston Texans history. For the NFL's youngest franchise, the next three weeks presents an opportunity to, as
Rivers once said, destroy the narrative of this franchise.

Due to their multiple seasons of ineptitude and mediocrity, the Texans are relatively unknown on the national scene. The few national games they have had often turn into losses and/or comments about uniforms that resemble ketchup bottles.

Yes, the Texans made the playoffs last season, showed off their electric fan base, and played admirably against one of January's more tested teams, but it was a brief moment on a big stage. The story does not change overnight - not with one victory.

There is still some hesitation by the national scene to latch on. The unknown Texans are hesitantly called the best while people long for the
Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan to dominate so they can run into the safe arms of the more-known commodity. The media is being hunted down by the Texans and they only have one speed bump left to keep the Texans back: a weak schedule (although, on closer look, those teams aren't getting blown out by anyone else but Houston).

Fact is, people do not see the Texans. People do not see
J.J. Watt destroying offensive linemen or Matt Schaub accurately hitting his target like Hawkeye from The Avengers. People remember 76 sacks, David Carr, and losses on national television.

Media darling New York on Monday Night, championship caliber Green Bay on Sunday Night in two weeks, and consistently good Baltimore in three weeks.

If the Texans want to rewrite their narrative and establish themselves in the eyes of a nation, this is their chance. The next three weeks will easily be the most-watched period in franchise history. Get your popcorn ready, BRBers.

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