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Reason To Celebrate: Texans Responding To Adversity

If you're looking for a big picture reason to rejoice over Houston's win yesterday, look no further than how the Texans responded to the Green Bay debacle.

J-Jo, proving that groins are overrated.
J-Jo, proving that groins are overrated.
Bob Levey

Two years ago, there's simply no way that your Houston Texans would have followed up the shellacking they took at the hands of Green Bay with a gem like we saw yesterday. One year ago, they may have, but I wouldn't have bet on it.

Two years ago, the unadulterated arse-kicking they received from the Packers would have started a snowball effect. The Texans would have let the Green Bay loss bleed into the next game against the Ravens, and I imagine a second consecutive loss would have ensued. They would have headed into the bye week on a losing streak. Fan and media consternation would have festered. We'd spend the next two weeks reading and listening to a bevy of articles and chatter lamenting that the Texans were falling apart and failing to live up to expectations yet again. The "Here We Go Again" crowd would have been crowing.

Instead, in 2012, the Houston Texans did what good teams do: They learned from the loss, put it behind them, and focused on the next game. The old saying goes that you can't let an opponent beat you more than once, and the Texans successfully managed to abide by that axiom. Until this year, that's something they wouldn't have been able to do.

Our beloved squad has turned a sizable corner. Let's appreciate and enjoy it. The Houston Texans are a force to be reckoned with.