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Open Thread: Monday Night Football (Lions @ Bears)

It's time for another Monday Night Football Open thread with tonight's matchup of the Detroit Lions playing at Da Bears. Also, 6-1.

Thomas B. Shea

So, as I was thinking about 6-1 today, and I thought about 6-1 plenty, I was thinking to myself: are we really 6-1? Your JUGGERNAUT Houston Texans, a term which I used to use purely out of sarcasm, are 6-1? Yes, other bfd, we really are 6-1.

Once again, I would be remiss if I did not mention your Houston Texans are 6-1.

I will be drinking a Dogfish Raison D'Etre to celebrate this evening, plus it's me and it's a beer and I'd be celebrating making through the day alive just to find a reason to celebrate. The Texans at 6-1 and is beer-flavored icing on the cake (note to self: must try beer-flavored icing).

Usual open thread rules apply. Pants, however, are banned from this thread. Thank you for understanding.