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Brian Cushing To Have Knee Surgery Tomorrow

Now that the swelling from his torn ACL has subsided, Brian Cushing will have surgery in Florida tomorrow.

Get well soon, Mr. Cushing.
Get well soon, Mr. Cushing.
Jamie Squire

After suffering the same injury I once suffered running to first base in a beer league softball game (much to the amusement of all who saw it happen), Brian Cushing will go under the knife of Dr. James Andrews tomorrow in Pensacola.

The delay between the tear and the surgery was primarily due to a desire to let the swelling in his knee subside, though Nick Scurfield suggests that Cushing may have also waited until the bye week to avoid missing any practices or games.

While Cushing is undoubtedly done for the 2012 season and will be missed, I tremble for the poor soul next year who has the misfortune to be carrying the ball on the first day Cushing's turned loose on the field again.