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This Week In GIFs: Houston's Battle Red Blitzkrieg Of Baltimore's Ravens

Thanks to Jack in the Box, Battle Red Blog presents This Week In GIFs. While not a GIF, Connor Barwin and Antonio Smith celebrate in front of Matt Birk's face.

Take that Birk and Flacco! TAKE IT!
Take that Birk and Flacco! TAKE IT!
Thomas B. Shea

With all the eyes of a nation upon Reliant Stadium, your Houston Texans took on and beat down the Baltimore Ravens. Thanks to modern technology, we can relive some of our favorites moments through GIFs. Before we get GIFfy in this post, I should make mention that all GIFs are from SBNation's in-house GIF producer (follow him on Twitter here) or from top Texans' GIFfer Dutchrudder of TexansTalk (Photobucket here). Thanks to both of them for fine GIFtastic work.

Without further adieu, I present GIFs for the week.

This Is The Game In Dan Dierdorf's Eyes:


My official analysis? Derek Newton gets whipped. Badly. Also, in the words of Dierdorf, Suggs suggsingly suggsed the suggs out of that suggser. I may or may not be paraphrasing there.

That is okay though because Matt Schaub would have his revenge while Arian Foster was going all Barry Sanders on Baltimore...


...or not. Moving on...

Connor Barwin Turns The Game Around.


A really nice blitz design by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Everyone was so preoccupied with protecting the right side that no one notices Barwin off the corner. It is an easy two points that ignites the fire sparked by Whitney Mercilus' first sack and Alan Ball's amazing downed punt. Barwin was all like...BOOM.



Kevin Walter Does His Kevin Walter Thing - Catch Long Touchdown Passes


Schaub does a fantastic job of evading Haloti Ngata and rocketing the ball right beyond the outstretched reach of Cary Williams. How did Kevin Walter even get behind the defensive backs?


Ah, our old friend Bernard Pollard does not really do a good job of jamming him, Williams sits in zone and has his eyes on Schaub instead of Walter, and Schaub sees Walter immediately to set him up for this old-school spike.


J.J. Watt and Johnathan Joseph Snowball This One.


It is as simple as 'I tip, you catch.' Early season front-runner for Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt tips another pass up in the air. Joseph was watching Flacco's eyes the entire time and times his move perfectly to catch the ball and move in stride. No one was going to catch him and, thanks to GIFs, we can see no one does!



Glover Quin Gets The Final Word.

The word is 'amazing.'

Thanks again to both SBNation GIFs and TexansTalk's Dutchrudder. This post is sponsored by Jack in the Box.