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Remembering Where I Put My Name: Revisiting Predictions On The Texans' Record Through Seven Games

The bye week for your Houston Texans is a good time to reflect and check in on preseason predictions.

Someone's been studying at the school of J.J. Watt Badasssery.
Someone's been studying at the school of J.J. Watt Badasssery.
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Shortly before your Houston Texans opened their 2012 regular season against the Miami Dolphins, Vega predicted the Texans would finish 12-4 and win the Super Bowl. In the Comments to that post, I wasn't as bold (not enough Guinness in me, I suppose), calling 11-5:

1. MIA—W
2. @ JAC—W
3. @ DEN—L
4. TEN—W
5. @ NYJ—W
6. GB—L
7. BAL—W
8. BYE
9. BUF—W
10. @ CHI—L
11. JAC—W
12. @ DET—W
13. @ TEN—W
14. @ NE—L
15. IND—W
16. MIN—W
17. @ IND—L

11-5, with a 5-1 record in the AFC South. I was tempted to drop it to 10-6 to account for another divisional loss in Nashville, but I cannot convince myself that Jake Locker will be consistently accurate enough to allow that to happen. The only other game I agonized over was @ Detroit; that could easily be a loss for the good guys.

Had the Jets not looked so impotent on offense during the preseason, I would have projected that primetime road game to be a loss for the Texans, which would have put them at 4-3 through seven games. But the terribleness of Mark Sanchez prevailed upon my thought process and won the day, so I had the good guys at 5-2 heading into the bye. Thus, I was off by a single game. I believed the Texans would lose in Denver; they did not. Put another way, I was less wrong about things than I usually am.

How about you? Did the first seven games of the 2012 regular season go according to your script? Will you stick to your original projection for the final nine games of the season, or do you feel the need to revise your prediction?