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SB Nation United: Update II

Check out what the tech team at SB Nation has accomplished as complaints about the SB Nation United rollout continue to be successfully addressed.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

It's been a little over a week since SB Nation United was unveiled, and the tech gurus remain hard at work and committed to addressing the issues you bring to their attention. Brett updated you on some fixes that were made over the weekend, and I've got another round of news for you now, courtesy of our tech team:

This morning we released several big changes:

1) Streamlined the mobile web layout to be easier to quickly scan. I encourage everyone to load it up and check it out. We'll continue to make tweaks, but this was a big step forward and these changes were based directly on community feedback we received. We removed a lot of clutter and put an emphasis on the stories in the river: bigger headlines, added blurbs and added timestamps. We also cleaned up the fonts on mobile to be easier to read.

2) More decreases to the size of mobile web pages in order to improve performance.

3) Turned off auto-updating comments on mobile by default so that it doesn't inadvertently drain mobile battery life.

4) Fixed the issue with not properly showing the number of new comments for logged in users on the homepage.

5) Fixed the issue with missing content in the iOS and Android apps.

6) Added the Recommend button to articles.

7) Several other fixes to link type FanShots, Video links, Login/Signup links in the footer, issues w/ Facebook shared links, headline fonts too big in the cover and more!

What we have up next:

- Fix the issue with Shift-A not always working to clear unread comments for logged in users.
- More mobile improvements.
- IE 8 visual tweaks.
- Many small things.

Thanks folks. Keep the good feedback + bug reports coming. We'll keep knocking them out.

You heard the man...if you notice any other issues or items you believe should be brought to the attention of SB Nation, shoot an e-mail to the tech team at This is a fluid process, and they're working very hard to make sure that SB Nation United is everything it can be. As always and on behalf of all of us here at BRB, thank you for your continued patience and consideration.