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Put Your Name On It: How Will Mario Williams Perform On Sunday?

Super Mario has had a habit of raising his game when the stage demands it. In his first shot at his former team, what do you expect to see from him?

Angry face.
Angry face.

Like many Texans fans, when Mario Williams signed with the Bills, I immediately predicted a monster game from the former first overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft the first time he faced his old team. Prior to Mario signing with Buffalo, we knew the Texans would be hosting the Bills; we just didn't know when. Nor did we know how rough the first seven games of Mario's Buffalo career would be for him.

When the schedule was announced, and Mario himself declared November 4, 2012 to be "Judgement Day" (sic). Even with Super Mario coming off some sort of wrist surgery, I still expect what'll far and away be his best game of the season on Sunday. In fact, I expect Mario to be so disruptive that Bills fans will be struck by a combination of wonder and disgust; "Wow, Mario is an animal" combined with "Why can't he do that more often?".

This brings us to the question of what the Texans will do to combat what will surely be a very motivated Mario Williams. Leave your suggestions as to what the Texans should do to try to contain Mario, along with a prediction of Mario's final stat line at the end of the afternoon.