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Jonathan Grimes Signed By Texans After Being Waived By Jets, Mister Alexander Released

Jonathan Grimes returns to the warm battle red bosom of Reliant Park while Mister Alexander is banished from the kingdom.

Welcome home.
Welcome home.
Alex Trautwig

I first saw mention of it by kidavid in the Comments to this post, and Nick Scurfield's Twitter account confirms it: Jonathan Grimes is a Texan once again.

Many of us were sad to see Grimes get picked up by the Jets a few weeks ago, so we'd be happy to see him back under any circumstances. When you factor in the uncertainty about Ben Tate's health, the return of Grimey is an even bigger coup. The Texans are adding a RB who knows their scheme and showed real potential in the preseason. In Week Nine, that's an unadulterated win.

This also means Rivers' beloved Mister Alexander was shown the door, which I'm sure has led to him throwing things, writing angry letters to the editor, and sculpting mashed potato replicas of the bust in Canton Mister will one day so surely inspire. Tragically, that is the price we must pay.

Grimes back. Alexander gone. Tate still hurt, and perhaps worse than the Texans are letting on. Use the studio space in the Comments.