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Texans-Jets Open Game Day Thread, Part 3 (MNF)

He's like a gazelle, a glorious gazelle.

Elsa - Getty Images

This game has not gone as Houston Texans fans would like, but, keep in mind, Houston has a 10-point lead at halftime over the New York Jets. Think about that for a second, folks. An ugly half for your Houston Texans now means a mere 10-point lead. This is how far we have come.

In the second quarter, Arian Foster got going for another touchdown while J.J. Watt and Brice McCain kept the Jets from evening things up at halftime. McCain's 86-yard interception return, thanks to another Watt deflection, set up Shayne Graham for a half-ending field goal. Houston now leads 17-7 as we head to the third quarter.

On an unrelated note, has anyone seen Andre Johnson tonight? If so, could you make sure Gary Kubiak knows he is actually in MetLife Stadium? Thanks.

The Jets get the ball first, and the Bulls on Parade will be out to keep momentum on their side.