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Houston Chronicle's Ganguli: It Appears To Be A Torn ACL For Cushing, MRI Coming On Tuesday

Well, how does one cast a shadow over the first 5-0 start in Houston Texans franchise history? You discuss a possible season-ending injury to one of its franchise players.

The latest 160 characters about Brian Cushing's left knee injury are pretty bleak. Per the Houston Chronicle's Tania Ganguli, "It does appear to be a torn ACL for Brian Cushing, but he is having an MRI tomorrow in Houston and #Texans won't know for sure until then."

Again, it should be stressed - heavily stressed - that Ganguli says it appears to be a torn ACL. Nothing has been officially confirmed by the team or Cushing, and nothing really can be confirmed until Cushing has the MRI on his knee.

I say heavily stressed because the last time people were unofficially declaring a Texan done for the year, Kevin Walter a few years back, it turned out to be a minor injury. Official word should come at Head Coach Gary Kubiak's afternoon press conference. Until then, the city of Houston will hold its breath and hope the MRI comes back negative for Brian Cushing and his left knee.

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