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Open Thread: Thursday Night Football (KC @ SD)

You can smell the excitement! (It smells like someone torched an abandoned waste-water treatment plant.)


As we discussed in this week's Battle Red Radio, someone in the NFL's headquarters looked at the Chiefs' and Chargers' 2011 season, looked at the NFL's 2012 schedule, and decided, "hey, this would make a great national game on a Thursday night!" Granted, it's not a great slate of games from which to choose in Week 9, but c'mon; neither team was even over .500 last year. Unless the NFL assumed that the subtraction of Todd Haley would be a huge boon for the Chiefs -- which is always a reasonable position to take when Todd Haley is involved, because Todd Haley sucks -- picking this game is questionable at best.

Rivers' theory, which makes sense, is that the NFL wanted every team to have at least one national game this season, so they used the TNF games to cover teams that were not selected for SNF and MNF games. To which I would paraphrase Animal Farm and say that, when it comes to deserving national games, all teams are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Nevertheless, it appears that we're stuck with this matchup tonight. So this is your thread to discuss the game. To get you started, I'm going to steal a question from the BRR thread and propose some answers

You are the NFL Network hack charged with writing the promo

for the Thursday night game between the Chargers and the Chiefs.

What will you have the announcer say to pump up this game?

Kansas City at San Diego: Feels like herpes, but doesn't last as long!

Chiefs and Chargers: When cutting yourself just to feel pain doesn't work anymore!

Philip Rivers! Matt Cassel! Now with helmets so you can tell them apart!

Kansas City and San Diego . . . because who doesn't long for 1994?