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BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/10/12)

Tell us what you're thinking about the day's college football games in the open thread at BRB.

Shoulda been a Texan.
Shoulda been a Texan.
Jamie Squire

For any of you who don't have the luxury of The Longhorn Network on what will surely be an emotional day in Austin when Texas hosts Iowa State (11 a.m. CST on LHN), I fear you may not get to see the game. Unless you're in Iowa this morning, in which case I understand the game will be shown on a local ABC station. Believe me when I say that there are thousands of Texas Exes who will wish they lived in Iowa today.

If you can watch Horns-Cyclones, talk about it in this open thread. Or if you're so inclined, talk Oregon State-Stanford (2 p.m. CST), A&M-Alabama (2:30 p.m. CST), Mississippi State-LSU (6 p.m. CST), Kansas State-TCU (6 p.m. CST), or any other game that has your attention on this scenic November Saturday. Yours in the Comments.