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This Week In GIFs: James Bond Summarizes The Buffalo Game Plus One Highly Requested Texans GIF

James Bond and Shaun Cody? What more could you want in this week's GIFs?

Brian Cushing doesn't know what to make of Shaun Cody's fingerwag.
Brian Cushing doesn't know what to make of Shaun Cody's fingerwag.
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Writer's note: I wrote this before I saw "Skyfall," but I didn't gain GIF approval until today. Naturally, I could've re-written this, but I chose to just add in the writer's note. For those wondering, I truly enjoyed "Skyfall" and recommend it to anyone who is considering a trip to the cinemaplex.

Yes, I know the Presidential election was this week and so is the showdown between the 7-1 Houston Texans and the 7-1 Chicago Bears, but let's get serious. The biggest news this week is the release of the new James Bond film, "Skyfall." How could it not be?

All the reviews have been incredibly positive, the song is probably the second-best song in Bond franchise history, and since I am so eager to see this movie tonight, I thought to myself, "Self, it would be awesome if you could somehow tie in a post to James Bond."

Thus, with the backing of Jack in the Box CEO Jack, I have done just that with this week's GIF post. I don't expect you to talk, Mr. Bond, but could you sum up the Buffalo game in one awesome GIF?



Ah, yes, that will do, 007. You see, while the first half was a bit of a trainwreck and sloppier than we all would have liked, the Texans shook it off and played their style of football (great defense boosted by an efficient offense) in the second half to cover the double-digit spread and come out of it looking all suave like Daniel Craig.

While the game was a bit of a snoozer, especially appropriate considering what Rivers revealed it caused him to do, I know there was one moment that every Houston fan wanted to see GIFified. Thanks to the SBNation GIFmaster, I present to you Shaun Cody showing what he has learned at the House of Watt.


After the past few weeks, I think it is safe to assume that there is a friendly competition in the locker room in terms of swatting down balls and making plays. The Texans do lead the league in passes defensed, which is a big reason why teams have completed a league-low 54.5% of passes against them. Almost as fun as Shaun Cody busting out the fingerwag, complete with hand on the hip sassiness. Well played, Shaun...even if you cannot quite imitate Watt's wag.

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