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Texans - 13, Bears - 6: Post-Game Open Thread

It wasn't pretty. But, as BFD will be the first to tell you, pretty doesn't matter.

Shutdown. KJax duz it.
Shutdown. KJax duz it.
Jonathan Daniel

As I started to write this, TexansDC sent an email that basically summed my feelings up:

Two years ago, this defense couldn't have done that. Domination.

That's exactly right. Two years ago, the Bears would have exploited those runs up the middle all day long to the tune of 150 yards. Jay Cutler (or even my terrible cousin, Jason Campbell) would have picked the Texans' D apart on that last drive. Jesse Nading would have been involved, most likely in covering Matt Forte out of the backfield, which would have been good for tearful laughs as we kicked our pets and spouses.

But, as the calendar will confirm, this ain't two years ago. This is 2012, where your Texans are tied with the Falcons for the best record in the NFL. Where, if you can somehow manage to hold J.J. Watt in check, Danieal Manning and Kareem Jackson -- KAREEM JACKSON! YES, THAT KAREEM JACKSON! -- still have your back. Where the defense will, overall, get twice as many turnovers as the vaunted Bears' D.

Shayne Graham hits from 42, into the wind, on wet turf in the rain? Sure!

Arian Foster makes a diving TD catch for the only TD of the game? Yep!

Garrett Graham shakes a Brian Urlacher tackle to get Graham just close enough to convince Kubiak to try the FG? OF COURSE!

8-1, folks. Congrats.

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