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Week 10 G.O.A.T.s: Speaking Of LeStars And Special Teams

In this week's Get On/Off A Texan, Battle Red Blog talks LeStar Jean, Keshawn Martin, and Jon Weeks. Long snappers are people, too.

We're not getting on or off, Danieal Manning, but he had a heck of a Judgment Day.
We're not getting on or off, Danieal Manning, but he had a heck of a Judgment Day.
Jonathan Daniel

Despite the snow and ice's best shot, and it was a pretty darn good shot, I am still pumped from last night's Houston Texans victory over the Chicago Bears. After a week full of hype about the rare November match-up between top contenders from the AFC and NFC, the Texans came through and delivered a defining win. Behind Arian Foster and a great defense, the Texans, on a national stage, demonstrated the kind of physical performance associated with winning in the playoffs. It was a performance that, as Sage Rosenfels tweeted, was a huge mental win for a team going somewhere.

Every fan should be proud that the Texans went into Soldier Field on a early winter's night, went toe-to-toe with a contender, and came out with a victory. There is nothing to be disappointed with after that victory. Up next? The tailspin known as the Jacksonville Jaguars comes to town, but not before we Get On and Get Off some Texans.

Get On The Case Of The Missing The Star
I may not be as much as a noted hater as MDC, but it is painfully obvious that Keshawn Martin could probably use a week or two to gather his thoughts as a receiver, especially as he continues to adjust to his role as a "returner." Wet ground or not, Martin had a bit of a rough night as a receiver. He slips, and if he does not slip, then he drops a pass or two.

Meanwhile, the only time LeStar Jean consistently sees the field is on special teams. Earlier this season, Jean was taking snaps on offense until a knee injury sidelined him. Jean had two catches for two first downs and seemed to have success in getting open. That is not setting the world on fire, but it is more than what Martin has done lately. I have no doubts that Martin will be a fine slot receiver, but, at the moment, he looks a bit wide-eyed and the reluctance to involve Jean in the game is a bit baffling.

Get Off Some Special Teamers
Special Teams coordinator Joe Marciano is not a fan favorite. The only cheers he would hear would be those of the majority of fans clamoring to pack up his house for him. The special teams unit is a complete disaster. It also does not help to see former special teamers (Trindon Holliday, Jacoby Jones, and Sherrick McManis) succeeding elsewhere while fans are subjected to another week of a coverage team scared to kick the ball. A failed squib kick that gets caught at midfield. A holding penalty that negates a big return. A punt team that struggled to pick up the kick block blitz.

Yet, somehow, Donnie Jones got that punt off (on the side of his foot, but whatever). Jones, in fact, did a great job of punting deep all night. The ball seemed to be going consistently over 50 yards with good hang time to minimize any Devin Hester damage. It also helps when you have a gunner like Alan Ball splitting the jam and getting down to Hester to force fair catches or help contain him. Finally, on a night when points were at a premium, Shayne Graham came through with two field goals, including an on-the-money 42-yarder in wet and windy conditions. There should also be an attaboy said to Jonathan Weeks for not screwing up a single snap in those conditions.

Yes, we are showing love for a long snapper. Who knew that 8-1 would do such crazy things to a blogger?

I am still not a Marciano fan and am far too anxious on special teams plays, but that was a night where certain teamers held serve and pulled through.

Your turn. Who are you getting on or getting off, BRBers?

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