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Sponsored Post: Do You Prefer Watching Texans Games On Television Or Live At The Stadium?

Asking BRB the big question...have Texans fans reached a point where they'd rather watch the game on a big screen TV than at the stadium?

I suppose you could wear that at home.
I suppose you could wear that at home.
Ronald Martinez

All the talk about game-watching setups got me thinking. Specifically, it returned me to a question that many of us have considered before. Have you reached a point as a sports fan where you actually prefer to watch the Texans games on television instead of being at the stadium?

Reliant Stadium, perhaps more so than most sports venues, is a beautiful place to watch a game. There's also something to be said for experiencing the buzz that permeates an excited crowd before, during, and sometimes after a game. Furthermore, not all games are created equal; you're going to be much more pumped about the prospect of attending Texans-Packers for Sunday Night Football at Reliant Stadium than you would be for, say, Texans-Jaguars this week. I get all that.

Nevertheless, even with those caveats, when you take into account the absurd price of tickets, concessions, potential travel/commute hassles, and the like...there's so, so much to be said for watching the game on television. Especially now, with the advent of high definition TVs (like the ones made by Samsung!) and the ability to rewind live action.

Let's address the question via a poll. Read, contemplate, vote, and then explain in the Comments. I'm curious to see how this turns out.

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