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Ben Tate Ruled Out For Texans-Jaguars Game On Sunday

Ben Tate will miss his third consecutive game with a hamstring injury.

Seems like so long ago...
Seems like so long ago...
Bob Levey

From James Palmer of CSN Houston:

Gary Kubiak told the media Friday that Tate would not be playing against the Jaguars Sunday because he isn't ready yet.

"Practice-wise the only guy that didn't practice was Tate," Kubiak said. "The only guy that we'll rule out today is Tate."

"We thought going into the week that he would be ready to go," Kubiak added. "We went back on the field, he looked positive on Wednesday and then obviously came out slower on Thursday, so we pulled him out. He did go back out, he did work today but not with the team. It's just frustrating because we need him out there. What has it been now, three weeks?"

This marks the fourth game--third in a row--Ben Tate will have missed this season. Arian Foster is now projected to have 1,874 carries on Sunday, while Justin Forsett will tote the rock four times. Guh.