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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Texans-Bills

With the much ballyhooed return of Mario Williams to Reliant Stadium less than 48 hours away, will this week's edition of "Three and Out" provide a crystal ball prediction of how Super Mario will fare? Duh.

No, I will not make noise just because you tell me to, Mario.  You don't have that kind of power over me anymore.
No, I will not make noise just because you tell me to, Mario. You don't have that kind of power over me anymore.
Bob Levey

I've been known, on occasion, to flail at humor in the introduction to "Three and Out." Not this week. This week, I'd like to ask for your help.

There's really nothing that civilians can do to adequately repay those who have served our country. Those brave men and women sacrifice to allow us to have the lives that we so often take for granted. Whenever an opportunity, no matter how small, arises for us to thank those who have served, I'm always going to promote it. It'll never be enough, but it's something, and at the very least it acknowledges that we're thinking about our servicemen and servicewomen. It is with that in mind that I ask you to go to the Million Fan Salute. From an e-mail I received:

A salute is a small gesture with a lot of meaning for members of the military community. Through November 26th, football fans have the opportunity to offer that sign of respect and "salute" current and former military members on behalf of their favorite NFL cities at and earn rewards for their local military community.

With just a few mouse clicks, fans can select their favorite team(s) and give their "salute." The three cities with the most salutes will earn rewards that will directly benefit local military units, such as improvements to on-installation athletic facilities.

This is part of a joint effort from the NFL and USAA, the NFL's Official Military Appreciation Sponsor, to honor veterans and military members throughout the 2012 season.

To learn more about the Million Fan Salute, read this.

Please take a second and cast your vote. On behalf of all of us at BRB, I thank you for it.

Sober now? On to the predictions sure to go wrong!

1. Mario Williams will have his best game of the season on Sunday. I don't think it'll be Super-Mario-Unleashed-Against-The-Broncos, but I think you'll see a very motivated and nasty Mario Williams on Sunday. Derek Newton is going to need help. A lot of it. It'll be interesting to see how that help materializes. No matter how Kubes chooses to attack it, I'll be shocked if Mario doesn't notch at least two sacks against his old team.

2. Despite a frothing Super Mario (well, as much as Mario Williams can froth), the Texans' offense is going to remind you how many different weapons it has. Arian Foster will surpass 100 rushing yards and find the end zone. Matt Schaub will throw for three (3) touchdowns to three different receivers--one to Owen Daniels, one to James Casey, and one to Andre Johnson. 'Dre's will be on a completion of 30+ yards and will be the latest example that the "Andre Isn't Andre Anymore" crowd is prematurely preaching No. 80's demise.

3. Our friends at Buffalo Rumblings have informed us that Ryan Fitzpatrick struggles throwing more than fifteen yards down the field. I'm guessing Wade Phillips knows that. Not that Fitzpatrick is going to have a ton of time to let routes develop, mind you. Still, I'm calling picks by Glover Quin and Johnathan Joseph. Sacks will be brought to you by J.J. Watt, Connor Barwin (don't call it a comeback!), and Brooks Reed.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: If this game had come immediately after the huge win over the Ravens, I'd be somewhat concerned about a letdown or trap. Having that week off after the stomping of Baltimore, in my opinion, lessens the likelihood of any loss of focus on the Texans' part. I believe they're going to come out ready to reestablish themselves as one of the best teams in the league, and I do not believe Buffalo, even with an inspired Mario Williams, can keep them from doing that. Bills 13, Texans 31.