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Ben Tate Ruled Out For Texans-Bills

Texans fans probably expected this: Texans RB Ben Tate was ruled out for Sunday's game against the Bills.

Haven't seen nearly enough of this in 2012.
Haven't seen nearly enough of this in 2012.
Thomas B. Shea

Gary Kubiak officially declared that Ben Tate won't play Sunday when the Texans host the Bills. This hardly comes as a surprise, given Kubes' remarks earlier this week and the Texans' quick move to bring back Jonathan Grimes a couple of days ago.

Nevertheless, it's disappointing. Tate has had a hard time staying healthy this season, and anonymously sourced rumors are starting to pop up about his toughness. Whether any of this has any effect on his trade value is a different topic for some time this offseason. Whether Tate's inability to stay on the field is materially affecting the Texans now, however, is ripe for discussion, particularly with the staggering amount of carries Arian Foster has logged thus far in 2012.

In the meantime, Justin Forsett is your RB2 and Grimes your RB3.