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This Week In GIFs: We Got Football In The Groin Y'All

Thanks to Jack in the Box, Battle Red Blog takes a look back at football in the groin. There is really nothing else you need beyond that, but we also have bad porn mustaches, disappointed defensive coordinators, and an angry head coach.

While not a GIF, J.J. Watt shows his unparalleled intensity.
While not a GIF, J.J. Watt shows his unparalleled intensity.
Bob Levey

Another week, another GIF-filled post to test your computers.

I would write more of an introduction to set up these GIFs from this past Sunday's Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans game, but (A) Hair of the Dog covers in-game observations, (B) I already wrote G.O.A.T.s and exhausted a lot of game thoughts, and (C) this is a short week, thanks to Thursday's game, and ain't nobody got the time to dwell on Week 11.

With that non-introduction introduction, I present This Week In GIFs.

Houston really made a mistake when they injured Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert. What would have been a nice, calm victory turned into a roller-coaster ride with Chad Henne at the reins. Yes, it was all Henne. The GIF is my proof.


It is hard to fault the defense on the coverage. Yes, Brice McCain gets a bit behind Justin Blackmon, but you also have two safeties right over the top. There is a tiny window for Henne to hit Blackmon, and Henne puts it on the money. Now, the tackling is atrocious by Danieal Manning and Blackmon's too powerful for McCain. There is also an uncalled block in the back, but that would not prove to really hurt Houston.

Still, Wade Phillips was not impressed with his defense's play.


We have had great fortune to not see this from Wade too often. Hopefully, the Bulls on Parade are back on track come Thursday. Meanwhile, Chad Henne was pretty pleased with himself as he smirked along the sideline.


That is a serious mustache. Chad Henne was born far too late because he would have been an icon in the 70s or 80s. The smirking would not rule the day though. The Texans, as we all know, would storm back to force overtime. After exchanging field goals and seeing Matt Schaub throw an interception, it was on the Bulls on Parade to make a stop and give Houston one last chance. Danieal Manning literally took one for the team.


That is a football in the groin. The Jaguars had heart, but Manning has a football in the groin. That is dedication to the cause.

Andre Johnson would avenge Manning's groin in a glorious moment that will be on his career highlight reel for the rest of history. Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey does not think it is a glorious moment by The Natural.


It is always a good day when you make the opposing head coach say that because that means Houston wins.

Once again, this post is sponsored by Jack in the Box with GIFs provided by @SBNationGIF.