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Gary Kubiak Talks Texans Injuries After Practice

With the Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions only two days away, Gary Kubiak spoke about how the health of various Texans after Monday's light practice session.

If you're going to have a hamstring problem, best that it's described as "slight."
If you're going to have a hamstring problem, best that it's described as "slight."

The biggest question to come out of the Texans' win over the Jaguars--other than, you know, exactly how the Jaguars looked nothing like a 1-8 football team--was the health of Johnathan Joseph. J-Jo went down with what was vaguely described as a hamstring injury, and he underwent an MRI yesterday. Gary Kubiak updated the media on Joseph's status, as well as a handful of other nicked Texans. The official site has a complete transcript of what Kubes and a few others had to say (make sure to read Antonio Smith being Antonio Smith) that you can read in full here; in the meantime, Kubiak's disclosures about injured Texans are below for your quick review.

(opening statement) “As far as practice, (ILB Tim) Dobbins did not practice. (CB Johnathan) Joseph did not practice. (WR DeVier) Posey did not practice. Other than that, everybody was at work, but we were very light. It was more of a jog-through than anything else.”

(on RB Ben Tate) “He’s doing good. We worked him pretty hard yesterday before the game. He responded well to that, so that’s positive. Everything we’re going to do this week is going to be very light, just getting ready more mentally than anything else. We’ll have to push him away from the group to see how far he’s come. He’ll probably be doing a combination of working with the trainers and working with us tomorrow.”

(on CB Johnathan Joseph’s hamstring) “He’s got a strain, but it’s a slight strain. It’s just how he reacts to it. He’s feeling pretty good today. We’ll see where he’s at tomorrow. But like I said, these three guys (ILB Tim Dobbins, CB Johnathan Joseph and WR DeVier Posey), it will go up, because it’s so quick and the work that we do is strictly more mental than it is physical, going into Thursday. So it’s probably going to be one of those where we work them out the morning of the game and make a decision.”

(on if he expects RB Ben Tate to play this week) “I think he’s got a good chance. It’s really difficult for me to answer those questions this week. On a normal week, you’re physically practicing and so this will be one of those weeks where it will be hard to answer any of those questions until you get right up to the morning of the game. You work those guys and out and say he’s okay and good enough to go.”

(on if he expects NT Shaun Cody to be able to play this week) “(NT) Shaun (Cody) is a lot closer. I know this is important to him to play in this game. We’ll see where we’re at tomorrow. He’s going to work this week, but he’s probably still going to be a game time decision from us because we’re going to do the right thing with him because we have a lot of football left to play.”