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Ndamukong Suh Fined $30,000.00 For Kicking Matt Schaub

It's something, I guess. Better his wallet get hit than nothing happen at all.

Nice corporate spokesman selection, Subway.
Nice corporate spokesman selection, Subway.
Christian Petersen

After declining to levy a suspension, the NFL fined Ndamukong Suh $30,000.00 for his kick to Matt Schaub's groin on Thanksgiving.

Having ducked out of the locker room after the game, Suh hadn't talked to the media until today. He probably should have stayed quiet, as he reportedly said he didn't even realize anything had happened until after the game, and that the kick was inadvertent anyway, which means it did not necessitate an apology from him to Schaub. Pride of Detroit has more on Suh. I'm sick of writing about him.