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This Week In GIFs: Finding Ways To Talk About Bye Week

Thanks to Jack in the Box, Battle Red Blog presents This Week In GIFs. While not a GIF, our resident Ninja Cowboy, Antonio Smith, decides to politely prevent Joe Flacco from throwing the football.

"I said sit down PLEASE."
"I said sit down PLEASE."
Thomas B. Shea

As I was contemplating topics for this edition of "This Week In GIFs," I came to a realization that I have not seen a Jack In The Box location or commercial in nearly two years. Wondering why that is, I took a look and realized that there are no Jack In The Boxes in Minnesota. Given the ad blitz I was subjected to as growing child, I never really thought of the chain burger restaurant as a regional establishment. I always thought they were national. You really do learn something new every day, right?

As for this week's GIFs post, it was a really hard decision. After all, your AFC-leading Houston Texans were on a bye week to rest and prepare for their winter stretch run. I cannot break down a play or allow you to marvel at the wondrous acts of J.J. Watt or Andre Johnson. Per the mighty MDC, I need something to criticize, report, analyze, or parody. What kind of GIF, from the last week, could provide me such an opportunity?


Well, hello Tennessee fan. I could make fun of the cape. I could make fun of the body suit. I could make fun of Tennessee and all things Tennessee. Instead, I ask what the heck is the deal with the flames? I do not just mean that terrible flame wig. I mean the flames in Tennessee's logo in general. Google could provide no answer as to why they are in the logo. I get the Titan/Greek thing, I get the Tennessee stars thing, but the flames? Pointless. Just like this fan cheering for his team to win.

Also pointless? Kansas City fans cheering for their team to win. Luckily, this guy has the right idea.


Hiding your face? Check. Showing frustration? Check. It is sad when this is what you are reduced to in October. I fully expect Kansas City to clean house at the end of the season and maybe this guy will be a little more fun to be around. You know what is fun though? Taunting.


I am going to assume this Patrick Willis fan either is dating or friends with this Arizona fan. Otherwise, this is a poor excuse for flirting. And yes, this is taunting because he is mocking the Cardinal wing flap. Yes, this is how some of their fans flap.


Oh well, I guess there are more embarrassing things fans can get caught on tape doing.


Yes, that would be fan getting left hanging by newest Houston Rocket James Harden (boom! Houston tie-in!). I would give him points for playing it off, but he played it off by positively acknowledging the guy who just dissed him! C'mon man! Oh well, I am sure our resident Rocket fans would take 37 points, a dissed high-five, and a Jumbo Jack with fries every single night. I guess the lesson I leave you with is this: If you want to be GIFified, go to a sports event and be a little will become an Internet legend.

As always, these GIFs were pulled thanks to SBNation's in-house GIF producer. If you tweet on the Twitter, twfollow him by clicking this link. This post is sponsored by Jack in the Box.