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Third Quarter Open Game Day Thread: Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

After one half, it's 7-6 Houston over Buffalo.

He's got adjustments to make and fires to spark.
He's got adjustments to make and fires to spark.
Thomas B. Shea

Immediately, my mind is taken back to New Jersey where the Houston Texans struggled and clawed with the supposedly lowly New York Jets. Today, it has been a 7-6 struggle with the supposedly lowly Buffalo Bills. The Bills made real good use of their bye week to prepare for Houston. While they have been beaten by the run game, they are doing enough to get off the field on third downs. Likewise, the Bills offense is finding success on spreading Houston out.

The main story of Mario Williams and his return to Houston? He has one sack in a relatively quiet game. J.J. Watt? He picked up a sack before halftime to move within four of setting a new franchise single-season record (14). Watt's 10.5 sacks now make him the 11th man in NFL history with a 10-sack, 10-passes defensed season. It is only week nine, folks.

The Texans start on defense and are in need of a spark. Usually, this is a time when someone steps up and puts them defense on their back.

Grab another beer, we still have 30 minutes of football to play.