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Fourth Quarter Open Game Day Thread: Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

After 45 minutes of gameplay, it's a 14-9 Houston Texans lead over the Buffalo Bills.

Wade demands MOAR!
Wade demands MOAR!
Bob Levey

As we head to the fourth and final quarter of today's game, your Houston Texans are saluting the military to a 14-9 lead over the Buffalo Bills.

The third quarter featured a nice punt return by Keshawn Martin to set up a nice 34-yard pitch-and-catch from Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson. The pass would set-up Arian Foster for a short rushing touchdown, his 10th of the season. Foster now has three straight seasons of 10-plus rushing touchdowns. It has been a nice period of time for The Master of the Namaste.

Buffalo would respond with another field goal. C.J. Spiller is becoming a tougher problem for Houston to solve while the pass rush has become non-existent. Ryan Fitzpatrick is able to find an open receiver without having to scramble around in the backfield.

Go ahead and get some more wings, ribs, chicken, and/or beer. We have only one more quarter to go in Houston and the Texans are driving.