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Open Thread: Monday Night Football (Eagles @ Saints)

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Join the BRB community as we watch the DREAM TEAM WHOOOOOOO!!!! match up against Vince Young-less New Orleans Saints.

Bob Levey

Remember the time your Houston Texans beat the Buffalo Bills to go 7-1 on the season? That was cool.

Tonight's game pits the Greatest Team in Football History (c) against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are currently giving up 474.6 yards per game. To put this into perspective, the BE-SFs are giving up only 414.2 yards per game with their Zac Diles, Xavier Adibi, Frank Bush, and LOL defense. And to put THAT into perspective, eat it, Bud, you miserable excuse for a human being. Ahem.

Fortunately, the Eagles start turnover machine Michael Vick, who was seen earlier on the sideline with color flashcards so he can learn which team to throw to.

Drop your wisdom in the comments below. Normal open thread rules apply. YMMV.