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Battle Red Radio: Bungalow Bill

The dreaded close blow-up hit Houston on Sunday. How will the BRR populace respond?

Thomas B. Shea

You've seen us write the words, now hear us crack the voices! It's a brand new Battle Red Radio tonight at 7 p.m. CDT as we recap Sunday's non-Texans NFL action and look forward to a visit from the Buffalo Bills.

Join myself, Chris of Houston Diehards, and maybe BFD? We'll talk about the boringest 12-point win in FRANCHISE HISTORY, preview the upcoming game with the Bears, and roast Joe Marciano on a spit.

We'll be taking questions in the middle of the show. Please pepper us with them in the comments, and I will distribute them randomly to whoever I think will do the "best" job answering them.

Here's a direct link to the show if the embed link below does not let you listen live at 7 p.m. CT. While you wait, you can catch up on the last version of this podcast, which involved the greatest Star Wars anecdote the internet has ever seen.

P.S.: This show will probably have cursing, and will probably not be suitable for younger audiences.

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