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Report: Shaun Cody Has Broken Ribs, Punctured Lung

Shaun Cody is a graduate of the Mike Brisiel School of Toughness.

"J.J. said I could borrow it."
"J.J. said I could borrow it."
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Shaun Cody got hurt in the win over Buffalo. We knew that. What we didn't know is how truly bad he was injured, at least until Tania Ganguli got the straight dope. Ganguli reports:

Cody suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung, according to a person familiar with his status.

Coach Gary Kubiak termed Cody as day-to-day with his injuries. He called them "rib issues" in his Monday news conference and said Cody had an MRI Tuesday.

"Shaun has always been able to work through things," Kubiak said Wednesday in his daily news conference. "We’re 100 percent committed to the training room."

It is possible for a player to play with broken ribs, but that depends largely on the severity of the break and their pain tolerance. Cody dealt with a back injury earlier this season, but he didn’t miss any regular-season games because of it. He typically gets Wednesdays off for maintenance purposes.

Cody's taken a ton of flack around these parts, but he's never had his toughness questioned. Nor should he. Broken ribs and a freaking punctured lung? And he returned to the field? Yowza.

You'd have to think Cody will play on Sunday night in Chicago if he's able. If he's not cleared to play, Earl Mitchell would step in as the primary nose tackle. Whether Cody should play is a different story. What would you do--rest him or play him (if he's cleared to go)?