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Sponsored Post: What's Your Television Set-Up For Texans Games?

In conjunction with a contest they're running, Samsung wants to know how you watch Texans games.

I don't have this in my living room.  Yet.
I don't have this in my living room. Yet.
Tom Pennington

The good people at Samsung want to know, BRB: How do you watch your beloved Houston Texans every week?

Me, I have a good-sized Samsung TV in the ol' living room. That's frequently where I'm watching the Texans games. Recently, however, my lovely wife bought me a television and bar for the back patio, so I've taken to watching games out there when the weather cooperates. I can't explain it, but I find watching sports on an outdoor television--even if it's smaller than the indoor options--is almost always preferable to watching inside. To that end, you can bet I'll be watching Texans-Bears outside on Sunday night if it's not raining.

Enough about me. What's your game-watching set-up for the Texans?

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