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MNF Postgame Thread: Texans 14 - Patriots (Whatever)

A speed bump. Nothing more.

Jared Wickerham

I could lay out a laundry list of things to hate about tonight's game. I could write about how Matt Schaub was trying to make stuff happen that plainly was not there to be made. I could write about the idiot penalties and sleeping defense which doomed the Texans early. I could even write about the horrors I would like visited upon Jon Gruden and his butt-kissing friends over at ESPN for their "coverage" of the game.

But I won't.

This game hurt, there's no denying this. But we're still 11-2 and in control of the top seed of the AFC playoffs. We still have a pretty good schedule ahead of all winnable games against the Colts and Vikings remaining. And at least we didn't lose 58-0 like another game that happened on Sunday. And nobody was, thank goodness, injured tonight. It could have been a lot worse.

Now the Texans have to play their best ball the rest of the season. This is the wake up call they needed. There will be no coasting, there will be no margin for error, there will only be the kind of Texans football we've come to expect from the boys in steel blue.

I still believe in this team. I still believe this is our year. Our time is now, and nobody, not the cretins at ESPN, not the entitled New England Patriots, NOBODY will tell me otherwise!

The Texans will bounce back. They will receive the top spot in the AFC playoffs and they will bring the Lombardi Trophy to Kirby Drive!

We will persevere.

We will endure.

We Are Texans!

/end diatribe

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