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Open Thread: Thursday Night Football (Bengals v. Eagles)

If nothing else, tonight's Thursday Night tilt between the Bengals and Eagles will do huge numbers in the quaint hamlet of Katy, Texas. Share your thoughts on that, as well as any others about tonight's game, in BRB's TNF Open Thread.

As if there way any doubt whose picture I'd use.
As if there way any doubt whose picture I'd use.
Andy Lyons

I usually ask BFD to handle the Thursday Night Football Open Threads. When Katy's own Andy Dalton is playing? No, sir. Too risky. This post demands the gentle touch that only a Katy Tiger can provide. Especially with Andy Dalton trying to lead his Bengals back to the playoffs (which would mean two playoff appearances in his first two years in the NFL). No, I couldn't let BFD draft this entry. Wouldn't have been right. A Taylor Mustang might have been fine with passing the buck like that, but not a Katy Tiger. We're a very loyal people.

This is your open thread for tonight's game between the Katy Bengals and the Philadelphia Eagles. Enjoy.

And at 9 p.m. CST, hit the main page and come on over to the live chat. We can talk about the Texans, or how great Andy Dalton is, or whatever. It'll be a gas.