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Open Thread: Monday Night Football (New York Jest @ Tennessee BE-SFs)

Join BRB has we watch the powerhouse teams...***snickers***...New Yor....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Monday Night Football. 12-2.

Really tough to be clean with this caption.
Really tough to be clean with this caption.
Scott Halleran

Just think, at some point in time, somebody developed a schedule of prime time games and decided that, HEY!, the Jets playing the BE-SFs on Monday Night Football is a fantastic idea! And the NFL agreed! If you need any more proof the NFL is a poorly run organization, this game is proof.

Tonight's game "features" two of the worst QBs in football, the scatter shot Jake Locker and the laughably awful Mark Sanchez. To put it into stark perspective, Blaine Gabbert has a better QB rating than both of them.

Use this thread to talk about what I'm sure will be a masterpiece game of outstanding coaching, smart football, and a display of some of the best talent the NFL has to offer. But, if that doesn't happen, feel free to talk about the greatness that is JJ Watt and future Hall of Famer Andre Johnson.

Also, 12-2.