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Kubiak & Wade or Not Kubiak & Not Wade?

How much does having Wade Phillips influence your feelings about Gary Kubiak?

How safe does this picture make you feel?
How safe does this picture make you feel?
Bob Levey

Our friends at Gillette, makers of the Fusion ProGlide -- which is only the bestest man-shaver in the whole whisker-removing universe -- agree with the late French moralist Joseph Joubert: "It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."

To that end, they've team up with SB Nation and launched a six-week DEBATEATHONAGEDDON.

Each week, Gillette will pose a question similar to this week's: "Which coach would you be the most comfortable with leading your team in to [sic] the playoffs, and why?" Then we will take that question, filter it through the BRB-colored lens, and pose it to you, the fans of the greatest team in the world, to debate in the comments below.

This week's BRB version: Keeping the Texans' personnel the same as it is right now, is there a head coach you would rather have if losing Kubiak also meant losing Wade Phillips?