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Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Titans

Follow the Houston-Tennessee game live with fellow Texans fans on BRB's open game day thread.

Ninjaed in Nashville.
Ninjaed in Nashville.
Grant Halverson

After what can only be described as a rather taxing three-game stretch, your Houston Texans return to action in an AFC South clash on the road in Nashville. They'll be missing a handful of starters and could easily get caught looking ahead to a big Monday Night clash against New England, so there's intrigue that might not typically be present in a game that matches up a team that's 10-1 and a team that's 4-7. Oh, and that 4-7 team is owned by the guy who bailed on Houston, so...yeah.

Welcome to your first open thread for Texans-Titans, Part II (2012 edition). Rock out with your comments out.